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4 main pillars of your Digital Marketing

Leopoldo Pirela

October 31, 2020

Are you ready to start taking control of your marketing? There are four main pillars that every business needs to have to ensure they get the most out of their marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing has skyrocketed this year.

If you visit websites like Amazon.com, and then you head over to Facebook, it feels like they are spying on you. The reality is that these companies have their 4 pillars put into place.

In this article, we are going to show you the 4 pillars that you need to ensure your digital marketing is ready to skyrocket your business.


Let’s dive in.

Digital Marketing Pillar #1: Your website

Think about your business website as the base and grounds for all your marketing. Your business website is more than a brochure; it is a way to interact with your customers when you are not there.

You have to remember that people are searching online before they head out to shop. Hence, your website has to be there whenever your potential customers are searching.

Many businesses think because they have social media, they don’t need a website. But you need it, as it is the only part of your marketing that you can fully control.

let’s get a bit more technical. Do you remember when I said ‘it feels like they are spying on you’?

This is because there are codes installed on their websites. This will allow Facebook and other platforms to show ads to people who have visited their websites. You can read more on Facebook pixels in this link.

Digital Marketing Pillar #2: Facebook

There are many social media platforms out there, but for Grenada and many of the Caribbean islands, Facebook is your go-to place.

Thousands of people interact with Facebook daily. In Grenada only, over 66,000 people are interacting with Facebook. In a country like Trinidad, we have been able to see over 300,000 people interacting with the platform.

To make this even better, it almost 60% cheaper to run advertising on Facebook than on other platforms.

Facebook also gives you the ability to retarget people who visit your website. This makes facebook more cost-effective for your digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Pillar #3: Google My Business and Local SEO

Having a website for your business will allow Google to pick up your website. So next time someone searches in Grenada a term related to your business, your website should be there on Google.

Of course, there is a lot that needs to take place to make this happen. But simply having a website will increase your chances of being found.

The main element you have to remember is that you need to do local SEO and not those complicated SEO techniques to help you get found worldwide. This is something you can work on later on.

Another tool that Google provides is called Google My Business.

This is what comes up on the right side if you search for a business name on Google.

It allows people to see reviews and learn more about your business. What makes it more important, is that about 74% of people searching on Google, will click it to make phone calls and appointments to your business.

Digital Marketing Pillar #4: Look for partners or directories

You know what your top resources are to run your business and make your products. The same thing takes place online, you need resources and partners to help you grow your online presence.

A business directory will help you reach a bigger audience. Many of them, like Carawaks.com, have a lot of traffic coming into their websites, giving you that wide audience your business needs.

For businesses who are in the hospitality industry, a partner like I’m Local will bring new business and awareness of the audience that will benefit the most of your products.

Partnerships like this can help to transform your digital marketing.

These 4 digital marketing pillars are being used by top businesses. We have tried them and seen great results for our clients and our brand. It is important to take control of your marketing so you can make the most out of it.


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