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4 most important elements to have on your website

Leopoldo Pirela

September 21, 2020

Is your website working well for you?

Did you know that most businesses have never seen a return of investment from their websites?

The purpose of having a website has changed so much over the last five years. We used to think of websites as an online brochure for the business, or catalog with information about the company, restaurant, and story of the business.

Now, websites are acting as our sales team and adding value to marketing campaigns. They are no longer part of an IT department – they now belong to the marketing department.

So if it is not working for you, and you feel like your website should be doing more for your business, let’s talk about 4 important elements you must have on your website.

In some cases, you might need a few tweaks. In other cases, you might need an entire redesign. Either way, this blog will help you understand what you need, so you can avoid the pitfalls that come with a bad website.

A goal for your website

Like every sales team, they have a goal or a number they must meet at the end of a quarter.

Your website should have the same goal. So before you go ahead and redesign your website, or build a website, think about what is the goal you want this website to help you with.

Here are some ideas:

    • You need a website to generate more direct bookings for a resort or villa
    • You need your website to help get more people to sign up and download your restaurant’s menu
    • You need a website that will help you generate reservations or calls

Identify the main goal for your website, and see how does it currently stand towards achieving that goal.

A website needs clear Call to Actions

Since you have defined your website’s goal, now you need to identify what call-to-actions will help move your visitors to the next step.

If you are not familiar with the term Call-to-Action (CTA) it is simply a button that once clicked, it will move your website visitors into the next step of their buying journey.

Examples of this can be:

      • Buy Now
      • Book Now
      • Reserve a table
      • Call us Now
      • Book A meeting

Every website needs two CTAs. One is a direct CTA towards the next buying step, and it needs to be consistent in color and look throughout the website. Where most website makes a mistake with their CTA, is by not including it on the websites enough times.

The second CTA is more of a passive CTA. It can be something like viewing our menu, explore the surroundings, amenities, rooms, etc.

Clear content and headlines

So you have figured out what the goal of your website is and the Call-to-Action you want your customers to take. Now, it is time to design clear short pieces of content and straight to the point headlines.

When we visit a website, we are simply scanning for information to see if this business or brand can help us to achieve something. It can be as simple, as choose a place to eat for a vacation dinner.

Your website content needs to be clear and understood by anyone who visits your website. And, it needs to serve as a guide to move your visitors towards clicking on the CTA.

Images are equal to 1000 words

We always recommend our clients to invest in one photoshoot for their brand.

If your website is for a restaurant, you need the images of food to be something that makes a person want to grab a bite. If your website is for a resort, you want them to feel the need of being there.

Most importantly, you want your images to relate to your products.

A better website means you will see more direct bookings, reservations, sales, and better brand perception. It will also help to be more at ease, and give you a wonderful feeling when you start to see those direct bookings, messages and reservations start to happen.

This blog you read is only one part of the puzzle. There is a lot to dig into for creating a fully optimized website.

Now it is your turn to head over to your website and see how these elements are currently performing on it.

If you need help with your website let us know. Let’s help you to turn casual website visitors into loyal customers. Schedule an audit of your website.


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