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[Blog Post] 5 Essential tips to improve your social media strategy

Leopoldo Pirela

October 31, 2020

In the Caribbean Social Media is Everything.

It is where your customers are, and where you spend a great deal of your time.

But, it is not what it used to be and has become a lot more complicated to ‘Get it right.’

Just a few years ago, we only knew about Facebook. We were able to post a deal and customers were well on their way to find out more about it.

Fast forward to today, and we have Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Snapchat. I might have missed one or two platforms here, but you get the point.

Not only there are many more platforms, but they are also making it more difficult to reach the right audience.

You are left saying “What else can I do to get back to where my Social Media Marketing was?”

But don’t worry, I got you!

I will show you to improve your social media strategy in just 5 simple ways.

I will share with you how a combination of paid and organic post together with consistency and using analytics is the right way to ‘Get it right’ with social media.

These simple strategies are used in modern-day social media strategies all around the world. From small businesses to large corporations can take full advantage of this.

I don’t want you to pour out all your marketing budget, but you will have to use some to get it started.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 social media strategy tips that will give you a clear picture of how to post on Social Media to drive business your way.

Let’s start with…

#1 Understand there are 3 different types of audiences on Social Media

When I talk about “audiences”, I am referring to the type of clients you are targeting online.

You see there are three main types of audiences you need to target:

  • Cold audiences: Who have never heard about you or your products
  • Warm Audiences: Those who have visited your store, website or social media page
  • Hot Audiences: They are ready to buy!

These three types of audiences need different content to be posted for them to engage with you. This will be particularly important if you are using Facebook to market your business.

You will also want to create different budgets to target each audience type. Let’s say you have $10 to spend per day, you may want to follow a budget that looks like this:

$6 on the cold audience, $3 on the warm audience and $1 on the hot audience. Use this formula to match your budget.

You may see some companies are only posting one type of content, but everyone seems to have an idea of what works best.

But the truth is that we are bombarded with ads and post of business that are not even in the Caribbean, so we tend to scan until we find something appealing to us.

So if you are trying to sell your business or sever to a person who has never heard about you, they will most likely continue scanning through the social platform.

This is why your content needs to be unique for each audience.

So what are some examples for each audience?

Cold Audiences: Write a blog post or record videos educating them about your products and the benefits they will get from using it. This will work for consultants to stores that sell clothes in their boutiques. [This post is an example of it]

Warm Audiences: They already know about your product, share with them ideas on how to use it and what others have experienced by using your product or service.

Hot Audiences: Give them an offer, deal or some sort of element that will push them to say ‘I am buying this!’

#2 Create and establish a schedule

There is nothing more effective on social media than being consistent.

To achieve this you need to set up your posts using a posting tool or if you are mainly using Facebook, you click on “Schedule” to make sure you have your posts ready in advance.

I like to create year-long social media strategies and then each month spend a few hours adding posts to my planner.

This is also what I do for my Social Media and Digital Marketing clients.

Not only it saves time, but it also allows you to make sure you have something to post every day and most importantly being consistent with your time and post type.

#3 Find out why your followers are following you and then post about it

Many times when I see a lack of engagement on a business account, it is not because their content is bad, but mainly because their followers are not following them to learn about what they are sharing.

I will give you an example.

Let’s say you are a Digital Marketing agency who helps clients to understand Social Media and grow their business online.

Your followers will not be following you or engaging to posts like ‘Are you going to Netflix and chill tonight?” They are already following other accounts for this sort of conversations.

Instead, find out what is it they want to learn from you. And then make sure you post about those topics.

For me for example, customers want to know how to win it at social media, about their website and growing their businesses. So I need to make sure what I post is about that and it also needs to be useful for them.

#4 Find out where the right audience is for your business

I want you to invest your time and money where it really matters.

So you need to find where your audience really is at.

Many social media marketing strategies start with taking all the platforms available and creating content for each.

This is fine if you want to test them out, but what you really want to do is to concentrate on the one that is the most important and brings more value for your money.

Run a few ads and post on some social media platforms to see how people engage with you. You can also use each platform analytics tool to see the size of your audience on each social media platform.

This will save time and money in the long run.

#5 Invite them to buy, read more and engage with your brand

Once you have created content for each audience, you will also want to create something called CTA (Call to Action) for each audience.

You want to have CTA’s on your website and on your social media platforms.

Of course, they must be different for each audience.

Else you will get no action from your followers.

This works because we are good at being told what to do, even though some of us may so that is not true. When you give someone a clear set of steps on what to do next, the will be more likely to do it than if you do not bring up the action.

Now it is time for you to implement this!

I hope you have a better idea of how to improve your social media strategy by using these quick tips. Remember there are other elements that you need such as a website, content, and processes to ensure it all goes as planned.

Whatever you do, you need to make sure you give this enough time to start creating results. In today’s social media platform, results do not happen overnight, some times it takes a few weeks, months and years to really establish yourself online.

If you need extra help with this, I can give you a FREE 10 points social media audit, where I help you understand opportunities your business is missing online. All you have to do is send me an email to hello@pirelaconsultancy.com to get started.

Are these tips something you have implemented in the past? Let me know by commenting below.


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