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6 Restaurant Strategies for 2020

Leopoldo Pirela

October 31, 2020

So, you have had it with marketing changing and trying to get more walk-ins and reservations for your business. Now it is time to take control of your marketing. We are 100% with you on that.

You would love to find a few restaurant marketing strategies that work, and create a clear vision of what will take place to achieve your results. But over time, marketing changes – so having 6 strategies that will work today, tomorrow and in 3 months from now is key for your restaurant.

Are you ready to write down some ideas that have proven to work?

Let’s dive in.

#1 Location

OK, you are right, I know you are thinking ‘Well, I cannot change the location of my food business now.’

When I talk about location, I am thinking more about what are the people around your location do. For example, if you are in downtown or an area with office spaces, the people around here will have meetings or go for lunch. As a result, this will be a good catch for you!

Another example is for food businesses who are at a famous beach or area where there are many tourists and visitors. Think of the experience your restaurant can provide to them and the atmosphere you can build for them.

Now, you can add all of this information to ads campaigns, website content, and much more.

#2 Make your restaurant Instagrammable.

You are probably saying ‘Leo, is that even a word?’

It is, I have searched for it!

Keep in mind I am not an interior designer by any means, but going to a place that looks just right for your photos on an Instagram profile, will drive a lot of foot-steps your way.

There are millions of people who have traveled to a restaurant, coffee shop or bar just to take a photo.

Did you know that most people search for Instagram photos of the restaurants they are planning to go to? Most importantly, they search for photos of the restaurant taken by customers!

So do some research, make a space of your restaurant to have Instagram moments, put a big hashtag and offer them a special discount on their next visit once they have tagged you on their photos.

#3 Get emails

At L & S Company Group Inc. we push all of our customers to gather and grow their mailing list.

You want to have an audience you can reach at all times. Most importantly, you want to be in their inbox.

Think about it, other than social media, what do people use every day and multiple times a day?


On your restaurant’s website, you should encourage people to give you their email by providing a lead magnet, or something of value you can give them in return for their email. You can use offers and discounts.

Once you have obtained their email address, you want to make sure they continue to hear from you and your brand. Become a pleasant part of their lives.

#4 Work on Google Search for your restaurant

Google will forever be a place your restaurant needs to appear first on.

Now with Google maps, whenever someone searches for ‘Restaurants near me’, a list of restaurants will appear. This is where you want to be.

Google will also help your restaurant and food business to get reviews. So next time someone searches for Restaurants in XYZ area, they see your restaurant come up, they will go directly into the reviews to see what others have said about you.

One more thing, think of search as a way to be found when people are not directly searching for your restaurant and food business.

For example, imagine you offer the best coffee in town. A potential client might search for ‘Best coffee places in town.’

#5 Paid Ads

In 2020 no restaurant marketing strategy is complete without paid ads.

I am talking about Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. These are the three main platforms where your potential customers spend most of their time.

There are a lot of strategies you can think of using here. We have recently outlined a few strategies in our latest E-book ‘3 Marketing Strategies for your restaurant.’

Your restaurant’s brand needs to be consistent in your customer’s eyes. The more they see you, the more likely you will become a choice for their next dinner, coffee or place to have drinks.

These six strategies are what people call ‘Ever-green Strategies’. They will work for your food business over and over again. Of course, you will need customizing and improvements, but the main idea was to give you a clear road map for your restaurant’s marketing.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your restaurant’s marketing. Let our experts audit your website, Google search and social media to find better opportunities for your brand. Click here to get started.


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