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4 Website Design elements that every Resort website should avoid

Leopoldo Pirela

October 31, 2020

Do you believe in love at first sight?

In the hospitality industry, it actually takes place.

Your resort’s website is your guest’s first impression of their stay and vacation at your resort.

So you want to make it lasting and make sure it is not the last impression they get from you. As a result, we have crafted a simple guide with the top 4 bad resort website designs to avoid.

Not having a Direct Call To Action on the top-right part of your resort’s website

The top-right part of your website is one of the most important areas to place your best Call-to-actions. This is due to many resorts and hotels having CTAs placed here, many users have become used to clicking on it in this area. As a result, this is an important element they will always look for.

When we ran HeatMap testing on 10 different resorts and villa website, 93.33% of visitors clicked on these CTAs. Whereas websites that did not have a CTA located here, we noticed a 78.3% of visitors hovered around this area.

Here, not only a Direct Booking CTA can be used. You can also have next to it a bait piece CTA. This will improve your chances of building an email list for your resort.

To ensure these CTA works make sure the following takes place:

  1. The CTA’s buttons are different from the rest of the menu
  2. The text on these CTAs has a clear action, let them know what it is about without using any fancy words.
  3. Use Google Analytics or other analytics tools to track these CTAs performance

Try to look for uniqueness and not to look like others

Many hotels and resorts are following the designs of other big resort brands. What works for them, does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Your resort’s website needs to be unique to you and your guests.

If your website does look like others, there is a chance your website visitors will not realize what your unique value proposition to them is. The key here is to make sure your resort does not look and feel like a commodity, instead, it needs to feel like a place where their amazing vacation can take place.

Remove boring headlines, and drive value to your customers by using catchy headlines.

Persuasion is one element your resorts need to do 100% right.

Don’t just fall for the basic headlines and titles that you see out there. Just as the previous point, you are looking for uniqueness and positioning factors that bring your hotel or resort to the right target audience.

To fix this design and content problem, think about the 4 U’s to come up with the best tag-lines.

  • Urgent
  • Unique
  • Ultra specific
  • Useful

Once you have these 4 U’s in your content you will notice your headlines perform better, but they also connect better with your target audience.

Avoid designs that do not promote your resort’s direct booking benefits

There is a saying that goes like this ‘If you get someone’s attention for 3 seconds, and they thought it was useful, they will give you 3 minutes of their time.’ This is why keeping the users engage on your website with the previous points is important.

I want you to take a few minutes and look at the bounce rate of your website. This simply shows you, how visitors have come to your website, viewed the page and then moved on to another website.

For resorts and hotels, this mainly means they went to OTA’s to book your resort from there. What this can show you is that there was not enough value to your customer on your website to push them towards the direct booking.

You can fix this, by adding pop-ups that share these values, pages that talk about it and modules throughout your website that show these benefits as clear as possible.


These are just 4 elements that can be changed to improve the way your resort’s website work towards helping you generate bookings and build a brand connection with your guests.

Whether you are working at a resort, your own resort or working for a resort as a client, we want you to think about the uniqueness of it and what makes it different from others. At the end of the day, this is what your client’s care about, the benefits and not always the features as this is something that is commonly shared among resorts.

How does your resort’s website perform? Do you have any issues with it that would like to get fixed, but not sure on where to start? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

You can also request a website audit from our team by sending us a direct email to hello@lscompanygroup.com title the email ‘Resort Website Audit’ and we will give you a FREE website audit for your resort, villa or hotel.


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