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3 simple ways to improve your Facebook Ads

Leopoldo Pirela

October 31, 2020

Facebook ads are valuable for your business. If this post grabbed your attention, you are most likely trying to enhance the way your ads work.

You’d love to get more impressions, higher clicks on your ads, and eventually more customers. But over time – if you are not monitoring your ads, you can spend a lot more money than what you get in return.

So how can you improve your paid ads in just a few steps? 

Let’s dive in.

Don’t forget about your analytics. 

Many businesses run Facebook ads, but forget to keep up with their analytics. Facebook gives you so much useful data, but we have to make sense out of it.

As a paid advertiser, we recommend our clients to check their analytics every few days to see what has worked, and what needs improvement. We have also made it easier by creating our dashboard, which allows us to send an easy to digest report to our clients.

But if you don’t have a dashboard, you can use Facebook’s tools. It provides all the information you need.

Improve your target audience

Doing this will most likely generate the most results. If you followed the step above, you should have seen your demographics. You need to know the following:

  • Who they are (Males or females)
  • Age group
  • Where are they from

To give you an example, let’s talk about an ad campaign we ran for a client. One of our clients was only generating about 8,000 impressions from a large budget. What they were doing wrong was related to their target. 

This budget was targetting everyone from 18 years old to 64+ which is Facebook minimum and maximum age group. But once we ran our analytics, we noticed the best target market was women between the ages of 34 – 42. This simple change generated new leads in just a few days!

Find out where people are seeing and engaging with your Facebook ads

As you know with Facebook, you can target Instagram and other multiple devices. But once you have done the first step in this post, you will find out where your audience is, and the devices they are using to engage with your brand.

For example, in our ads campaign, we noticed that 96.6% of people view our ads on the Facebook app. And, the ones who convert are using iPhones. 

I bet you know what we did next!

We moved our budget to target only mobile phones, in this case, iPhones.

These tips may seem simple, but most of the time, simple fixes create the biggest results. 

We can audit your account and help you find opportunities like this as well. All you have to do is request an audit and our team will get to the audit.


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