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A meat shop with a lot of social media followers

Key Results


New followers in one month.


Monthly Reach


Increase in Engagement

The opportunity

There is nothing like having control of your social media and marketing.

Just before December 2019, it was the perfect time to skyrocket our client’s social media presence. As they provide food and meats in Trinidad and Tobago, we saw an opportunity to use the time year as leverage to generate results.

This and the loyalty our client has built with their customers, gave us the opportunity to get customers to engage with the brand, follow them and most importantly request information about their services and offers.

The strategy

A clear road path enables growth.

For this project, we researched their customers and who would really buy from them. As part of this research, our team looked through each message, comment, and post on their social media pages, to get a better understanding of this.

We further looked into customers’ pain points, their needs and looked for trends on how they were interacting with the brand, in order for us to increase engagement.

By identifying demographic trends, location, and style we were able to craft an ads campaign that targeted the demographic we discovered from our research. In Trinidad and Tobago, the Facebook audience is just over 500,000+, but our target was those persons closer in proximity to the meat shop.

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The Success

You will only know if you achieve success if you had clear goals established.

Once the first month was completed, we were able to increase the performance of the page by 36,136%, helping our client reach 80,000 of the 500,000 targeted audience. Since we decided to narrow down and target people closer to their location, 73.3% were people who were at least 20 miles from the shop’s location.

Solutions Used

Local Ads

To help us reach an audience within a 25 mile radius from our client’s shop

Analytics Dashboards

This help us find the audience that would most likely buy their products


To drive engagement between the brand and their customers

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