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The role of UX in a boutique resort’s website

Leopoldo Pirela

October 31, 2020

If you are looking to increase direct bookings to your boutique resort, you will have to spend time building a unique online experience. As a result, you will be able to customize the buyer’s journey for your guests and make the booking process as seamless as possible.

Boutique resorts and small hotels have a huge advantage over large hotel franchises. You are able to control your experience much better than many of the large organizations. And, once you have customized the experience to your target market, you will see a better connection with your guests and brand.

But how can a User Experience designer help with this?

Understanding of the booking journey

A UX designer will bring huge benefits to your boutique resort. Their role is to understand your guests, the way they interact with your website, and find ways to make it easier for them to book.

Once you start to simplify your guests’ booking journey, you will be able to provide a better and faster booking experience.

Your boutique resort website will always be improving

Having a User Experience designer in your boutique resort marketing team will ensure your website is always improving.

As UX designers, we are always trying to find better ways to show content, display photos and engage with audiences. 

A user experience designer is constantly monitoring, learning about your guests’ behavior on your resort’s website. This ensures your website adapts to your guests’ behavior on your website.

The more adaptable your website becomes the way they interact with it, the more direct bookings your resort will generate.

Increase your revenue

Even though OTAs are your business partners, you want to ensure you bring in more direct bookings. As a result, your resorts get the extra 20% – 25% that OTAs take as commission.

By improving your resorts online experience and clarifying the user journey, you will see an increase in direct bookings – leading to a direct increase in revenue for your resort.

They think outside of the box

The booking journey or process doesn’t simply start on Google. It starts on the user’s mind or a conversation that started with her spouse. 

User experience designers are outside of the box thinkers. They tend to create a bridge of empathy between the resort brand and the target market.

As a result, your boutique resort’s website will talk to your guests in the language they understand. It will showcase the imagery that will create the most emotional impact. And, move them by having the words that connect better with them.

Every boutique resort needs to take advantage of hiring a team with UX designers to be part of their marketing team. You can also hire an inhouse website designer who knows UX and Direct Booking processes.

Have you considered hiring a UX Designer for your Boutique Resort?


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